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Fighting Sexual Harassment Claims For You

Don’t Trust Your HR Department | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Workers beware! – A company’s HR Department is there to protect the company – not you.

Damning Report Reveals NSW Parliament Is A Toxic Workplace | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A damning report by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has found the NSW Parliament is a toxic workplace rife with bullying, sexual harassment and even sexual assault.

Huge Compensation Payouts Awarded To Harassment Victims | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Australian courts are awarding increasingly higher amounts of compensation to victims of sexual harassment.

Queensland Government Cracks Down On “Fake Unions” | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – The Queensland government has introduced new laws to regulate unregistered employee associations – sometimes referred to as “fake unions” – to better protect the interests of paying members.

Banned From Club For Having Cultural Tattoos | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Brisbane woman Moale James was refused entry to the Hey Chicka! Nightclub in Brisbane for having cultural tattoos on her face.

Service Station Attendant Goes Viral | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A service station attendant has gone viral after posting a tearful video describing the appalling sexual harassment she experienced during just one shift.

The Shocking Story Behind Rebel Wilson’s Coming Out | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – The shocking true story of actor Rebel Wilson’s coming out.

Should You Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements are standard practice in sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination settlements, however, many experts are now calling for them to be banned.

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