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Fighting Sexual Harassment Claims For You

Ellen’s Apology Slammed! | STV News

STV News – Comedian Ellen DeGeneres has apologised for the toxic workplace that existed behind the scenes of her long-running talk show.

Susan Ryan – Women’s Rights Champion Dies | STV News

STV News – Susan Ryan, a trailblazing campaigner for women’s rights and the rights of all human beings, died this week after a short illness.

Sexual Harassment – It Happens To Men Too | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – Although women make up the majority of sexual harassment complaints, a growing number of men are coming forward to report being harassed in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment – Know Your Rights | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – In Australia, 39 percent of women and 26 percent of men report experiencing workplace sexual harassment in the past five years.  Leading industrial advocate Miles Heffernan explains what sexual harassment is, and what you can do about it.

Nicole Kidman’s sexual harassment ‘Bombshell’ | STV News

STV News – Nicole Kidman’s latest film ‘Bombshell’ is based on the real-life sexual harassment scandal that rocked the hugely successful Fox News network in the United States.

Work Christmas Parties Do’s And Don’t’s | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – Many workers end up losing their job as a result of bad behaviour at the annual work Christmas party.  WATCH this guide to the do’s and don’ts at work celebrations to ensure you have a good time and still have a job on Monday.

How One Woman Brought Down The Most Powerful Man In Television | STV News

STV News – ‘The Loudest Voice’ (now streaming on Stan in Australia) tells the story of Fox News creator and CEO Roger Ailes, a workplace bully sex predator, and how one woman managed to bring him down.

Reporter Makes Sexual Harassment Complaint After Boxer Kisses Her During Interview | STV News

STV News – A sports reporter is taking legal action against a Bulgarian boxer for sexual harassment after he forcibly kissed her during a post-match interview.

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