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Fighting Sexual Harassment Claims For You

Making a complaint can be difficult

Making a complaint about sexual harassment or sex discrimination can be difficult and takes a lot of courage.

Our team of specialist employment lawyers and industrial relations advocates understand what you are going through, and are here to support you, and guide you through your options moving forward.

Rest assured, we are on your side, and will fight for you until you achieve justice.

How we can help

If you choose to make a complaint about sexual harassment or sex discrimination:

  • we can take immediate legal action to try and ensure that the offending behaviour is stopped, and will do what we can to ensure that you are no longer in a situation where you are exposed to that behaviour
  • we can take immediate legal action to ensure that you do not lose your job
  • we can handle all negotiations with your employer, and/or the perpetrator involved
  • we can file all formal documents in the Human Rights Commission or Industrial Relations Commission, or any other relevant commission or tribunal
  • we can advocate on your behalf in any compulsory conciliation sessions
  • we can represent you in any formal hearings in relevant commissions or tribunals
  • we can negotiate substantial compensation payments for you for shock and distress


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