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Fighting Sexual Harassment Claims For You

Making a complaint can be difficult

We understand that making a complaint about sexual harassment or sex discrimination can be difficult and takes a lot of courage.

Our team of specialist employment lawyers and industrial advocates is here to support you through the process and explain your best options moving forward.

Rest assured, we are on your side and will fight for you until we achieve the justice that you deserve.

How we can help

If you choose to make a complaint about sexual harassment or discrimination, we will:

  • make every effort to ensure you are no longer exposed to the offensive conduct
  • handle all negotiations with your employer, and/or the perpetrator/s involved
  • file documents in the Human Rights Commission or any other relevant court or tribunal
  • advocate on your behalf in any court ordered conciliation or mediation sessions
  • represent you in any formal hearings in relevant courts or commissions
  • negotiate substantial compensation payments for you for lost income, medical expenses and for any shock and distress (hurt and humiliation) that you have experienced


Australian courts take sexual harassment and sex discrimination extremely seriously.

Recent decision have seen courts impose enormous penalties on perpetrators – in addition to awarding significant compensation in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for shock and distress (hurt and humiliation) to those who experience sexual harassment.

Affordable Access to Justice
We are proud to offer Affordable Access to Justice to our clients, so you only pay what you can afford based on your income.

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LAST UPDATED: March 2022

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