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Penny Wong Adviser Quits Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Penny Wong adviser quits amid sexual harassment allegations

A senior adviser to Labor Senator Penny Wong quit his job earlier this year, accused of sexual harassment.

A female party member made the complaint, according to The Australian.

Penny Wong adviser quits

Marcus Ganley worked as Senator Wong’s Chief of Staff until suddenly resigning in February this year.

He quit his job soon after Anthony Albanese’s office received a formal complaint of sexual harassment by a female party member.

Ganley now works for the ACT’s Chief Minister Directorate, and denies any wrongdoing.

He said his reasons for leaving are “clear to the people who need to know”.

According to The Australian, the alleged incident took place at a private function in Adelaide in February.

Furthermore, the newspaper reports Albanese’s office intervened once it received notification of the complaint.

Wong lost confidence in his ability to run her office

Ganley resigned in the sitting week starting February 10 after speaking to Senator Wong and Albanese’s Chief of Staff, Tim Gartrell.

Senator Wong told Ganley she had lost confidence in his ability to run her office, and as a result, he left later that day.

Labor did not launch an investigation, and a spokesman for Albanese said the complaint is “resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant”.

“We will not comment further on this matter out of respect for the privacy of the complainant.”

There is no suggestion the allegations are true, only that a complaint had been made.




Sexual harassment costs careers

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan says sexual harassment costs careers.

“It is clear that Senator Wong and Mr Albanese’s office handled this matter in a professional and appropriate manner,” he said.

“A far cry from how the National Party handled Catherine Marriott’s complaint of sexual harassment against Barnaby Joyce a few years ago.”

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