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One In Four Qantas Staff Have Been Sexually Harassed

One in four Qantas staff have been sexually harassed

One in four Qantas staff have been sexually harassed, according to a disturbing new survey conducted for the airline.

Additionally, 97 percent say they won’t report harassment fearing it will put their job and career at risk.

One in four Qantas staff sexually harassed

An independent company surveyed 2,400 cabin crew and pilots on behalf of Qantas.

It found a quarter of staff experienced sexual harassment by either a passenger or co-worker.

However, just 3 percent said they reported it to management, with many fearing they’d be risking their jobs.

Pilots and passengers both present problems

One in six members of cabin crew reported experiencing sexual harassment by passengers in the past 12-months.

Female pilots reported the highest rates of sexual harassment and bullying.

Two-thirds of female pilots said sexist comments are common, compared to less than half of male pilots surveyed who said the same.

Airline has work to do

Qantas People and Culture chief executive Lesley Grant said the findings on sexual harassment showed the company had “work to do”.

“Everyone deserves respect and should feel safe at work and having an honest conversation about these issues is an important step.

“There were some very positive findings from the survey, including that around 80 per cent enjoy working at Qantas, have good relationships with workmates and believe Qantas is inclusive of people from different backgrounds.

“Many said that attitudes towards bullying and sexual harassment had improved over the years, but it’s clear we still have work to do.”

In a bid to address the issue, Ms Grant says Qantas will:

  • provide peer support to people who experience harassment and bullying,
  • set up a confidential hotline for affected staff to access independent counselling,
  • and also provide staff with information on how to make a formal compliant.




Union says Qantas has a problem

The survey results follow a damning report by the Transport Workers’ Union last year.

That research found two-thirds of Australian cabin crew experienced sexual harassment on the job.

The TWU said the recent survey shows “there is a major problem in the airline industry with sexual harassment”.

TWU national secretary Michael Kaine said:

“Too many workers are experiencing sexual harassment and they are being forced to deal with it in silence while their perpetrators take advantage of what the Qantas review identified as a ‘we don’t dob’ culture.

“This is exactly the same kind of festering secrecy that allowed the worst predators in other industries to continue attacking women for decades.

“The airline industry must face up to this reality and address it.”

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