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New Sexual Harassment Ad Designed To Make You Feel Uncomfortable

New sexual harassment ad designed to make you feel uncomfortable

A new sexual harassment ad is deliberately designed to make you feel uncomfortable, according to the agency that created it.

The 45 second community service announcement is designed to encourage those who witness sexual harassment to do something about it.

Respect Victoria launched the ad last week following Australia’s first Royal Commission into family violence.

The new ad shows a man making a woman feel uncomfortable on a train carriage.

New sexual harassment ad

The ad shows a man on a train carriage standing uncomfortably close to a woman.

The scene is witnessed by a man who then wrestles with his conscience about whether to intervene or not.

He eventually decides to get up and stand between the first man and the woman.


Campaign to change behaviour

The ad is the latest creation of The Shannon Company. The communications agency previously made an ad showing a man questioning a friend who harasses a female bartender. Another shows a friend of a man abusing his partner telling him that his behaviour is not okay.

Managing partner Michael Daddo told the latest ad is the third stage of a campaign to change behaviour and to also end violence against women.

“We want to get men more comfortable with calling out other men, since men are the main perpetrators of family violence — to normalise the idea it’s OK to intervene.

“There’s a genuine desire for people to do something … we all have the opportunity to step in and put an end to violence as a result.”


“Reporter kissed by boxer live on air makes sexual harassment complaint”

Awareness is the first step to change

Meanwhile, industrial advocate Miles Heffernan praised the ad campaign.

“The first step to change is awareness. Bystanders can help stop sexual harassment, and this ad shows that in a very effective way,” he said.

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