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The Industries Rife With Sexual Harassment – Is Yours On The List?

The industries rife with sexual harassment – is yours on the list?

A survey by the Australian Human Rights Commission has revealed the industries that receive the most complaints about sexual harassment.

Topping the list were the information, media and telecommunications industries, followed by the arts and recreation sectors, and electricity, gas, waste and water services.

Findings prompted National Inquiry

After Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins presented the statistics, the current National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces was launched.

The research found that 71 per cent of Australians had been sexually harassed, with 85 per cent of women and 56 per cent of men reporting having experienced harassment.

The number of reported incidence of sexual harassment has jumped from 21 per cent in 2012 to 33 per cent in 2018.

“The results of the survey are perhaps more timely and relevant in 2018 that ever before, with the huge surge in public concern about sexual harassment generated by the #MeToo movement around the world, including in Australia,” Ms Jenkins told the National Press Club at the time.

Kate Jenkins – Sex Discrimination Commissioner speaking at the National Press Club.  (Picture: The Monthly)

Sexual harassment by industry

Here are the survey results shown as a percentage of the number of people in different industries who reported experiencing sexual harassment:

(Source: Australian Human Rights Commission)

National Inquiry already hears horror stories

“We have already heard some horror stories of harassment coming out of the national inquiry, so I expect that many will be shocked to learn just how severe and prevalent the problem of sexual harassment truly is,” Miles Heffernan from Sexual Harassment Claims said.

“It is my hope that once that inquiry delivers its findings and recommendations, that we see some real change in Australian workplaces, so people no longer have to put up with this sort of outrageous and unlawful conduct.

“In the meantime, anyone who is experiencing sexual harassment should know that there is help available, and they don’t have to put up with it, and they may be entitled to substantial compensation.” Mr Heffernan said. 

The National Inquiry is expected to issue its report later in the year.


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