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AMP Reveals 10 Sexual Harassment Complaints In Past Two Years

AMP reveals 10 sexual harassment complaints in past two years

AMP has revealed that it has investigated 10 sexual harassment complaints in the past two years.

The company said it is making the sexual harassment data publicly available for the first time as part of its “commitment to implementing industry recommendations on transparency”.

AMP reveals sexual harassment complaints

AMP received the 10 harassment complaints after a public backlash of its handling of claims against a former executive.

The company’s Sustainability Report, released to the Australian Stock Exchange on Tuesday, noted the complaints.

Five staff made complaints in 2020, and another five made complaints in 2021.

Investigators found three of the 10 complaints had been substantiated.

The perpetrators received formal warnings in addition to “appropriate” consequences including docking pay or bonuses and requiring extra training.

The other seven matters were “not substantiated” due to a lack of evidence, or the complaint being withdrawn, or the issue being resolved informally between the parties.

The report did not detail the nature of the complaints, however, it is understood none relate to former executive Boe Pahari, who was found to have engaged in sexual harassment.

AMP reveals 10 sexual harassment complaints in past two years

AMP promoted Boe Pahari despite sexual harassment findings against him.

Best practice

An AMP spokesperson said that the finance company released the data in the interests of transparency and leading best practice.

“By taking the step of increased transparency, we want to lead the way to create more safe and inclusive workplaces.

“Any case of sexual harassment is one case too many, but we have made strong progress on the transformation of our culture, and we continue to work on making sure we have an inclusive and safe work environment.”

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AMP sexual harassment Boe Pahari

Ex-AMP employee Julia Szlakowski previously claimed her superior Boe Pahari sexually harassed her in 2017.

Despite an investigation finding the allegations true, AMP decided to promote Pahari to CEO of AMP’s money management arm.

Following public outrage, which resulted in multiple workers quitting and AMP’s share prices plummeting, Pahari eventually announced his departure from the company.

In a statement at the time, he apologised to Szlakowski and furthermore, said he deeply regretted the events that occurred in 2017.

In April last year, AMP revealed it paid Pahari $50 million for his departure.

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Payout disgraceful

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan described the multi-million dollar payout to Pahari as “disgraceful”.

“An investigation found this bloke sexually harassed a junior female colleague, so what does AMP do – give him a $50 million golden parachute!” he said.

“It is outrageous that it happed – no one deserves $50 million for engaging in sexual harassment.”

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