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Boss Uses 15 Year-old Worker’s Phone To Take Dick Pic

Boss uses 15 year-old worker’s phone to take dick pic

A 15 year-old boy has suffered shocking sexual harassment at the hands of his boss.

The older man took the young worker’s phone without his knowledge and used it to take pictures of his own penis.

The boy didn’t discover the images until later.

They showed the older man holding his penis with a smiley face drawn on the head in black pen.

The boy has been unable to return to work at the butcher shop where he worked, as a result of the shock and trauma he experienced.

One of the images left on the 15 year-old worker’s phone by his boss.

15 year-old boy suffers shocking sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Claims filed a number of claims in the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland on behalf of the boy.

For example, sexual harassment, sex discrimination and race discrimination.

The shocking case is still to go before a compulsory conciliation process in the Commission.

If no resolution is reached there, the matter will then be heard by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Litigation Director Miles Heffernan described the case as one of the most appalling cases of workplace sexual harassment he has seen.

“This older man treated this young vulnerable worker in an appalling manner,” he said.

“This sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable and possibly even criminal, and the man responsible must be held to account.”

Offensive signs written on dusty windows resulted in the company paying the victim $12,500 compensation.

Young men victims of sexual harassment

Mr Heffernan said young men are often victims of sexual harassment.

“It happens more often than people probably realise,” he said. “Young men starting out in some industries are sometimes powerless and find themselves targeted with terrible harassment and bullying.

Previously, Mr Heffernan represented a young farmhand relentlessly bullied and sexually harassed. In that case, he negotiated a $30,000 settlement.

Mr Heffernan also represented a young male painter who experienced sexual harassment by his co-workers. It involved drawing offensive images on dusty windows.

In that case, Sexual Harassment Claims negotiated a $12,500 settlement for the victim.

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“Young workers particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment”

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